Iwatsu Enterprise TOL Messaging System

Iwatsu Enterprise TOL 7.0 simplifies office communication with enhanced mobility, integrated presence, and unified messaging.

Whether this one-stop platform is delivering messages to mobile workers or automatically redirecting calls with intelligent call filtering, Iwatsu Enterprise TOL 7.0 provides control and access anywhere, anytime.


Access a fully web-based client manager using the most popular Symbian® and Pocket PC® mobile devices. In addition to full presence control via the cell phone, email and voice messages are managed in real-time – just as they would be from the desktop.

Mobile LinK

  • Access all voice and email messages from a phone, PC, or wireless device by remote.
  • Use the Follow Me feature in the new locations-based design to build and assign a directory of numbers for the system to ring.
  • Retrieve callers leaving a voice message, or redirect ringing calls to another extension.
  • Utilize Mobile LinK, the newly developed Unified Communications applet, to remotely access the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS features from popular Symbian® or Pocket PC® phones.
  • Use LanTalk, an internal instant messaging application, to communicate with contacts from a PC or any compliant WAP device such as a mobile phone.
  • Administrators can conveniently record and change system greetings, menu options, and announcements from anywhere.


Presence Management has evolved beyond a user-defined status (e.g., In a Meeting, Out of the Office, On Vacation). User status and the corresponding call control are automatically synchronized with each user’s Microsoft® Outlook® Calendar.
  • Get detailed incoming call screen pops of contacts saved in CRM applications. Integrates with Microsoft® Outlook® 2003, ACT® 2005, Goldmine® 6.5, Maximizer® 6.0 and applications using Active X.
  • Iwatsu Enterprise TOL can use Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) to integrate with the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS system, eliminating most analog port hardware, reducing cost, and increasing deployment flexibility.
  • Voice Activated Dialing from corporate directories and Microsoft® Outlook® personal contacts with Virtual Assistant speech access.
  • Use a wireless device with a WAP-enabled browser to access the Unified Communications portal to check email and voicemail.
  • Integrates with any SMTP / POP3 / MAPI-compliant email package: Microsoft Exchange® 2003, Lotus Notes® 7.0, Novell GroupWise® 7.0, and web email accounts.
  • SMART TAG – Right-click on a phone number in any Microsoft® Windows® application or browser to dial it directly.


Route calls based on caller ID, time of day, call type, account codes and more.
  • Synchronize appointments in Microsoft® Outlook® calendars with customized availability rules and redirect incoming calls accordingly.
  • See the status of colleagues – even mobile workers – and their availability quickly with the new Mobile LinK software.
  • Use Assign My Calls feature to easily redirect calls to another extension or group of contacts when unavailable for extended periods.
  • Use availablity filters to further customize availability and even redirect incoming calls based on call origin. Receive notification when “busy” users become available.


Use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to connect incoming calls with directory listings.
  • Create and assign custom menu options and personal voicemail greetings for callers.
  • In addition to the auto attendant, ASR can be used for composing, replying, forwarding messages, and dialing contacts.
  • All system voice prompts, ASR, and text-to-speech are supported in English. Optional languages are Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and German.
  • Access corporate instant messaging, presence management, message control, callback options, and more quickly and easily from Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Forward faxes* to an email inbox, printer, or nearby fax machine from any phone or PDA.

*Fax services may require additional hardware.

Iwatsu Omega-Voice VMI Messaging System

With Omega-Voice VMI, your voice mail and automated attendant work together in one system.  The automated attendant lets you customize automated company greetings and user-friendly menu options that route callers directly to individual extensions and voice mailboxes.

Whatever the size of your business, you can save the hassle of handling routine calls while benefiting from flexible message management tools with this versatile messaging solution.  Plus, when your system requirements grow, Omega-Voice VMI can even migrate with you to other ADIX systems.

Time-Saving Automated Call Processing

  • Customize company automated attendant greetings and menu options.
  • Access and customize your VM/AA greetings by remote.
  • Save the hassle and time dedicated to handling routine calls.

User-Friendly Voice Mailbox Tools

  • Versatile solution for small and large businesses:
    • Provides up to 50 voice mailboxes / 10 hours message storage (on an ADIX-VS system).
    • Provides up to 600 voice mailboxes / 300 hours of message storage (on an ADIX APS system).
  • Record conversations or conference calls to your voice mailbox.
  • Distribute voice messages to multiple voice mailboxes simultaneously.
  • Receive notifications of office voice messages on your cell phone.
  • Flexible system expands from four to eight voice mail ports.

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