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Iwatsu Omega-Voice VMI Messaging System
Voice Mail / Automated Attendant System
With Omega-Voice VMI, your voice mail and automated attendant work together in one system.  The automated attendant lets you customize automated company greetings and user-friendly menu options that route callers directly to individual extensions and voice mailboxes.

Whatever the size of your business, you can save the hassle of handling routine calls while benefiting from flexible message management tools with this versatile messaging solution.  Plus, when your system requirements grow, Omega-Voice VMI can even migrate with you to other ADIX systems.

Time-Saving Automated Call Processing
  • Customize company automated attendant greetings and menu options.
  • Access and customize your VM/AA greetings by remote.
  • Save the hassle and time dedicated to handling routine calls.

User-Friendly Voice Mailbox Tools
  • Versatile solution for small and large businesses:
    • Provides up to 50 voice mailboxes / 10 hours message storage (on an ADIX-VS system).
    • Provides up to 600 voice mailboxes / 300 hours of message storage (on an ADIX APS system).
  • Record conversations or conference calls to your voice mailbox.
  • Distribute voice messages to multiple voice mailboxes simultaneously.
  • Receive notifications of office voice messages on your cell phone.
  • Flexible system expands from four to eight voice mail ports.

Toll Free: 800-456-5503