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Going Green with The Phone Connection
Energy Efficiency
We recognize the importance of becoming environmentally friendly while also being economically rewarding.  This is one of the many reasons that we have chosen to partner with Iwatsu Phone Systems, the leading manufacturer of energy efficient phone equipment.  The Iwatsu ECS is recognized as one of the most reliable and engery efficient telecommunication servers in the world.  The Iwatsu engineers have designed the Enterprise Communication Server to use passive cooling - meaning the system was designed to allow ambient air to correctly flow over internal components.  More importantly, they are designed to do so in very hot environments.  This means that it is insensitive to the high heat generated by servers, switches, routers, and other communications equipment, with which it shares rack space.  What does this mean for the consumer?  Real savings in electricity bills and a real reduction in HVAC needs!

Environmental Impact
The Phone Connection can help you reduce your company's environmental impact by tailoring a communications solution for all your locations.  Through the use of VOIP technololgy, the Iwatsu Phone System is capable of allowing for remote workers.  This means that a telecommuter needs only an IP phone and an internet connection to function on the main location's system as if they were physically on site.  We also offer TASKE software for your system which will allow you to monitor worker productivity and implement telework for your employees with greater peace of mind.  The Phone Connection can provide polycom equipment and audio-conferencing solutions to minimize the need for large face-to-face meetings.  All of these little changes mean a big change in your total environmental impact!  Utilizing part or full time telework reduces carbon emissions, gas usage, and office utility usage as well as a reduction in paper, ink, and toner usage!  According to, offering telework gives companies cheaper, more qualified, more efficient, more satisfied, and more loyal workers.  This means a lower cost to the environment AND a lower operating cost to your company!

Green Business
The Phone Connection strives to operate in an environmentally responsible way.  We do this is multiple ways, including:
  • Remote Programming - By dialing in to your system for programming changes we lower our emissions and your service costs
  • Refurbished phones - Rather than create e-waste, we have our used equipment refurbished and offer them to our customers as cheaper replacement options
  • Remote Workers - We allow our employees to work from home offices in part of full time capacities to reduce our group emissions and increase our efficiency
  • Electronic Filing - Whenever possible we complete and store our information electronically to reduce our paper usage
  • Paperless Billing - We now offer paperless billing!  Sign Up Here

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